You don't have to spend your entire holiday in the kitchen!
Circle II can do all of the work.
And you can take the credit!
Whether your holiday plans are cozy and intimate or include feeding a hungry platoon of family members and
friends, the folks here at Circle II can help put the happy in your holiday by keeping you out of the kitchen. From
single entrees to side dishes, to desserts we do it all. All you do is order ahead. We do the cooking and you pick up at
a prearranged time. Set the feast out on your good china and the guests will think you're a kitchen magician. No one
but you need ever know that you took the easy way out. Their full bellies and smiling faces will tell you right away
that you made the right decision. Entrees, side dishes, and full dinners sized to suit your plans.

Just give us a call at
252.338.3060 or stop in and see our owner, Thomas Jones to discuss your holiday dining plans.
We'll be looking forward to hearing from you!
Please click the links below to see our holiday menu offerings
Dinners, side dishes, and desserts are all available for your Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations. Additionally,
any of our regular menu entrees, side dishes, or desserts can be ordered as a part of your holiday feast. Orders may
be picked up anytime on Wednesday, November 27th or as late as 4:00 pm on Thanksgiving Thursday. Orders for
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day may be picked up as late as 3:00 pm either day.
Please place your order for holiday
carry out dinners at least one week prior to your desired pick-up date.