Join us for a leisurely stroll down Memory Lane!

The walls in our dining rooms are decorated with a vast array of framed black and white photographs depicting  vintage
scenes from Elizabeth City and surrounding communities. Our guess is that these run the gamut from 1930s up to
probably the 1980s or 90s. Many are the work of famed local photographer A. M
ack Sawyer while others are images he
inherited from other family shutterbugs including his father and grandfather. Our walls contain decade after decade of
memories, especially for those who may have grown up in the Harbor of Hospitality. For the newcomer they'll provide a
history lesson demonstrating the slower and perhaps m
ore pleasurable way of life enjoyed by our citizens in past years.
Either way they're all good for hours of interesting conversation both in our dining room and after you leave
. You're
cordially invited to visit us any time during business hours for a look see.
Take home a memory from Circle II
Unlike much of the art work that previously graced our dining room these images are not for
sale off the wall, but that doesn't mean that you can't own a memory from Circle II. Any or all of
these pieces can be duplicated and offered in 8½ x 11" document frames as displayed. Costs
are minimal. Please speak to our owner, Thomas Jones for a quote.
Click on any image to view enlarged