An event that really puts Elizabeth City
on the map!
October 25th - 27th, 2019
Elizabeth City has long been known far and wide for our US Coast Guard base and as the home of some of the world's
greatest airships. But one upon a time The Harbor of Hospitality was known from coast to coast by billiards enthusiasts as the
home of Luther "Wimpy" Lassiter, considered by many to be the finest and most adept Nine Ball player in the history of the
game. Wimpy brought back to Elizabeth City no fewer than six world championships. He's been inducted into the North
Carolina Sports Hall of Fame and into the Billiards Congress of America's Hall of Fame as well. Billiards Digest ranks him as
number 9 in their list of the fifty greatest billiards players of all time.

So it's with great excitement and anticipation that Colonial Cues at 405 Halstead Blvd in Elizabeth City renews a great
tradition by bringing us the Great Dismal Swamp Nine Ball Classic, a top flight tournament featuring notable competitors from
across our nation and around the world. It's an event that Elizabeth City can get behind and support as it brings not only
numerous players but fans of the game who will arrive here from far and wide, patronizing our hotels and restaurants and
making our fair city a focal point in the sporting world once more.

Nine Ball is a thinking man's game that demands a trained eye, steady hand, skills honed to perfection, and impeccable
technique to master. You'll see all those on display in this tournament with everything else required of championship players
as masters of the game vie for cash prizes and top honors at Colonial Cues. And there's even more than championship play
for those who attend. The folks at Col
onial Cues have an authentic piece of Elizabeth City's billiards history to be auctioned
off to the highest bidder. Some lucky soul is going to go home owning one of Wimpy Lassiter's pool cues. More than a
collector's item, that prize is a professional billiards player's dream; one of very few in existence.

Circle II is delighted to be associated with this event and hopes that you'll all tell your friends and neighbors all about it and
make plans to attend for yourselves. We're grateful to have been chosen to operate the concession for the tournament and
promise some really good eats to go along with the nail biting drama and suspense of a real Nine Ball tournament.

To enter the competition or for more information please call Jim Cartwright at Colonial Cues. Phone: 252.331.5130 or stop in
and see the fine folks there at
405 Halstead Boulevard in Elizabeth City. You'll find out when you visit that it it's not fun they don't sell it!