Our Buffet

The images here were taken from one of our big Sunday Buffets, but most of the items
depicted will appear from time to time on our daily lunch and dinner buffets as well

Our daily buffet opens at 11:00 am and is served until closing time each evening.
Sunday buffet opens at 11:00 am and is served until 7:00 pm closing time.

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Our desserts are all freshly made by owner Thomas and trusty sidekick baking woman Jean

Selections on any given day include assorted cakes, cobblers, pies, brownies,
congo bars, and puddings.

Traditional favorites include Red Velvet Cake and Pig Pickin Cake, but Thomas is
a chocoholic and you should never be surprised to find chocolate treats on any day!

Selections vary day to day but we promise all are delicious.
Call ahead for our famous desserts to go.
Cakes, pies, and most other items available for carry out in single portions or as a whole
Sorry if everything here doesn't look as full as it should, but folks were making salads
faster than we could photograph that day!

The salad bar always includes a selection of basic garden vegetables chosen by availability and
freshness. In season we're proud  to get our vegetables from local farms here in the Albemarle
Region.In season look for local vine ripened tomatoes, local broccoli, local collard greens, Rocky
Hock melons, and all other grades of local produce
Goodness grows in North Carolina!
fresh, tender
sliced roast pork loin
tender, juicy roast beef
with carrots & potatoes
our famous
Eastern NC bar-b-que
our famous country style chicken & pastry,
made according to Tebia Jones' recipe
So good that words fail it!
many of you say we have the
best fried chicken in E.C.
Thank you!
tender juicy roast chicken
lots of flavor...less fat
The entrees you see here are just some of one Sunday's selections. Each day we rotate through our daily blue
plate specials, and mix in an assortment of various meats, casseroles, pasta dishes, and other culinary delights
designed to prove to you all just how much we love hungry people!
The day these images were made our buffet featured fresh asparagus, glazed carrots, home made mashed potatoes,
squash, lima beans, and more.

Of special note is the home made country style tomato pudding. It's a perennial favorite at Circle II and some of us can't
decide if it's a vegetable or a dessert. It's so sweet, thick, and rich you'll fall in love with it!
It just wouldn't be fair to leave out
Thomas' special corn bread. Moist, sweet,
and with a texture that's almost more
cake than quick bread...it's guaranteed to
keep you coming back for more!
It just wouldn't be possible to show you everything that crosses our buffet over the course of a week or
two, but this might give you an idea that we're more than breakfast, bar-be-que, and fried chicken.

Thomas and staff work hard seven days a week to provide a variety of freshly prepared dishes that we
hope will soon become your favorites. To see what's on tap from day to day we invite you to follow our
posts on Facebook where we try to keep everyone up to date on our offerings.

Don't forget that we also serve a full menu for lunch and dinner each day Monday thru Saturday from
11:00 am until closing time.
Buffet not currently available
Owing to the restrictions imposed by public health officials to combat the spread of Covid-19 we
regret that our buffet is not available. We're hoping that in time conditions will change that will allow
us to resume serving buffet style, but can't speculate on just when that may be. We are, in its stead,
offering an increased number of daily dinner specials and of course continue to serve our full,
delicious Circle II menu. Our dining room is open for business and all items are available as well for
carry out. You're invited to come in to see us any time the hungries set in!